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4 Quick Strategies for Your Driver’s Permit Test

Posted by on Jan 7, 2019 in Driving Tips, Teen Driving | Comments Off on 4 Quick Strategies for Your Driver’s Permit Test

One of the greatest mistakes new drivers make when getting ready for their driver’s permit test is not studying enough—thinking it won’t be too hard or they have the basic rules, regulations, and laws of the road down pat. However, once at the DMV, most of them soon realize how mistaken they were. Because the test is much more complicated than many people imagine, it’s smart to do whatever you can in order to make sure you pass the test on your first try. You can make the testing process so much easier by using a few simple strategies, such as the ones found below: Study, Study, and Study Some More When you’re learning something new, the very first inevitable thing to do is start reading all you can about it and read it several times. Read the state’s...

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Fall Driving Tips

Posted by on Nov 26, 2018 in Driving Tips | Comments Off on Fall Driving Tips

While fall is still the time of pumpkin picking, hay rides, and leaf raking, it’s also that time of the year when weather and road conditions start getting harder to handle, which is an issue for all drivers but especially for new drivers. To make sure you’re staying safe on the road this season, check out some of these smart, simple driving tips: Avoid Braking on Leaves A road covered in damp leaves is just as slick as an iced road would be in winter. To ensure you don’t slide across the road and cause damage or injury, drive through the leaves slowly and avoid braking hard. Leaves can also obscure lines on the road and other markers, so keep a close eye on the road’s edge and try to stay in the right lane. Avoid Sun Glares Near...

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