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Properly Disposing of Car Waste

Posted by on Nov 13, 2017 in Car Maintenance, Legal Issues, Safety Tips | Comments Off on Properly Disposing of Car Waste

If improperly disposed of, nearly everything that is part of a vehicle’s waste presents human health and environmental hazards. Most automotive products people use every day are flammable as well, and they can’t be disposed of in the garbage, storm water sewers, septic tanks, or drains. Not only is the improper disposing of vehicle waste damaging and even life threatening, but it’s also illegal, with perpetrators facing both criminal and civil penalties. Fortunately, most automotive products out there can either be recycled or reused. For further information about hazardous waste gathering programs, individuals should contact their county’s extension office or its solid waste department. To get an idea of how to dispose of a vehicle’s various parts, check out our quick guide below. Motor Oil Used motor oil that’s been illegally disposed is among the greatest sources of oil...

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Replacing Your Stolen or Lost License

Posted by on Oct 31, 2017 in Legal Issues, Safety Tips | Comments Off on Replacing Your Stolen or Lost License

Losing a driver’s license is one thing most people don’t worry about until they’re scrambling through their wallet or purse in a panic, unable to find their identification. When this happens, individuals become vulnerable to identity theft—something that can haunt them for years—and they also lose their ability to legally drive. Fortunately for drivers in New Jersey, replacing a missing driver’s license has been made into a fairly simple process, which can be found in detail below. Reporting a Stolen or Lost Driver’s License When a driver’s license goes missing, the state recommends that drivers report it immediately to law enforcement, especially if they suspect the license was stolen. Identity theft is devastating, so reporting a stolen or lost license can help protect you if someone else tries assuming your identity. Applying for a Replacement License It’s illegal to...

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