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Traveling in Your Car on a Budget

Many of us know that life can have its exhausting periods, but getting away every now and then can certainly help to provide relief in these times. Even if you’re not exactly flush with cash, traveling doesn’t require breaking the bank just to make it work. When planning your next vacation adventure, you might consider taking a road trip with your (ideally) trusty vehicle.

Driving to your destination can save quite a bit of money, as fueling up often costs less than the average plane ticket, especially if you’re not planning the trip months in advance. Even better, if you plan to travel with family or friends, you can always share the cost of tolls and gas. If you think this is the route you’re going to take, here are a few tips that will make your road trip, affordable, safe, and fun.

Traveling in the Off Season

Road-tripping during the off-peak times will likely save you the most on cash. Before choosing your destination, research it to discover what’s going on this year or the next. Feel like touring Wine Country? Rather than heading out in summer, try early spring or even winter. That way you’ll avoid crowds, see the area’s farmland in its quietest periods, enjoy good weather, and save some money.

Taking Free Walking Tours

When traveling to a different city, one of the first things you’ll likely want to do is go exploring, so take advantage of any free tours in the area. Walking tours allow you to see sites up close, meet new people, chat with the tour guide, and provide you with some better intel on great spots in town. Also, it’s easy exercise!

Finding a Bed and Breakfast

Most hotel rates are pricey and can skyrocket suddenly without warning. However, B&B’s offer more warmth at half of the price. Also, the free breakfast will save you from needing to buy one in the morning!

Forming a Plan

A reliable method for saving cash is forming a plan and then sticking to it, saving time and money as well as seeing more compared to when you just wing it. For example, if you’re attending a sporting event or a concert while away, consider bringing tailgating accessories. The best way to plan is creating itineraries for every day that are as complex or as simple as you want them to be.

Traveling in Groups

Being able to travel with friends can both maximize the fun while also minimizing costs. Many hotels and attractions offer discounts for groups, meaning you can divide the cost of gas, hotel accommodations, and tolls.

Preparing for Anything

When planning a road trip, there are dozens of items that would be wise to keep in your car to make sure the trip is worry-free—and to make sure you’re not dependent on rest stops that will overprice everything. From portable radios to jumper cables, start a list and get whatever you might need before setting out.

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