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Off-Road Modifications for Your Car

Off-roading provides the unique opportunity for those interested to see the world around them with a new set of eyes and without preset roads deciding where to go for them. In the right vehicle and with the right modifications, it’s possible to see so many facets of the backcountry of America, allowing you access to some of the most beautiful spots in the country without relying solely on your feet to get there. Whether your 4×4 is brand new or ten years old, it’s possible to make it off-road ready, and you can use some or all of the following vehicle modifications to get you there.

Larger Off-Road Tires

The tires that came with your SUV or truck were designed specifically for paved roads to give an all-season performance. With that in mind, if you plan to drive in backcountry, you might need larger tires that are designed specifically for using off-road. The bigger tires will provide more ground clearance, allowing you to drive over bigger roots, logs, ruts, and rocks. Off-road tires have different sizing standards than on-road tires, with the width and height being labeled with inches. There’s also an upper limit for how big you can get without adding a lift kit. Make sure you do plenty of research to avoid buying tires you can’t use.

Chassis and Body Lifts

If you plan on mounting off-road tires on your SUV or truck, you’ll likely need room for them, with the best method for this being to use a lift kit to lift the vehicle. The most popular type would be two to four-inch lift kits, and, once the lift kit is installed, your vehicle will accommodate a wider variety of tire sizes. Beyond the ease with which these inexpensive lift kits can be installed, your suspension will also remain mostly unchanged afterward.

Intake and Exhaust

If you’re looking for more power in an off-road vehicle, you can start by helping the engine breathe more easily. The more air that gets to your engine and the faster it gets out, the greater the power the car will have while traversing ruts and logs and scaling hills. To improve engine airflow, try installing an upgraded intake and aftermarket exhaust. If you’re planning to drive through deep water, consider investing in a snorkel, which is a specialized intake. This will let you drive through water without sucking water into the engine. Coming across water of various depths is common while off-road, and having the snorkel intake could help provide you with the necessary confidence for conquering it.

Tool Box or Kit

You’ll never know where the road might lead, and you also cannot predict when issues might arise, which is why it’s smart to prepare for any situation you might encounter by carrying tools with you. Even when not off-road, it’s better to keep several tools handy, such as an electric impact wrench to change out a flat tire. Having a variety of hand tools, such as wrenches or sockets, can help you fix almost anything that might go wrong off-road.

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Photo Courtesy of Andrew Malone via Creative Commons License