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How to Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean

Anyone who’s owned a car or even been inside one knows that keeping the interior, the exterior, and every other nook and cranny clean can be a challenge, but the interior especially takes more effort than many are willing to give because you can’t just run the interior through a carwash. To make things a little easier for you, here are a few tricks for keeping your car’s interior clean with little effort.

Use Paint Sticks

Though we don’t know how, many of us end up with a pile of paint sticks in our garage that we don’t want to throw away for some reason. Well, now you have something to use them for—cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your car. Spray an area—between your seat cushions, between the console and seat—using some all-purpose kitchen cleaner, and then allow it to sit for a few minutes. From there, cover one of those paint sticks with a rag or microfiber towel and wipe down the area.

Try a Toothbrush

They say you should replace your toothbrush every few months, and you can use your old one to help you clean up food crumbs or dried liquids in snug areas in your car. Sprinkle some water and baking soda on the spot you want to be cleaned and scrub until it is.

Remove Fur with Balloons

Your dog may love car rides, but the fur can leave a serious mess behind. To gather it all up, fill a balloon with air and start rubbing it around inside your vehicle to accrue static electricity, which should help lift up all your pet’s fur.

Clean Your Vents with Compressed Air

Buy some compressed air from your local hardware store and blast out the dust in your vehicle’s air vents. Afterward, if you want to freshen the interior up, use essential oils and some cotton balls to wipe down your vents.

Clean Quickly with Baby Wipes

Even if you don’t have a baby at home yet, keep some baby wipes inside your vehicle’s glove compartment to use for cleaning messes up if they happen. These kinds of wipes are also great to use for cleaning up your windshield.

Get Tarps and Bungee Cords

As a way of keeping your hatchback or trunk clean, keep a tarp and some bungee cords in the back of your car. The bungee cords can keep food items from falling over or spilling while the tarp can be placed under items to keep them from leaving stains in your clean vehicle.

Prevent Messes

You should try to take precautions against messes in general, such as by putting silicone baking cups into your car’s cup holders as a way of preventing grime from accumulating after spills. Also, try to keep small trash bags or a can inside your vehicle to keep garbage off your floor and off the roadside.

Photo By NomadSoul1