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Teen Driving Drills to Become a Better Driver

Situational Training Drills to Help Teens Drive Safer

Experienced drivers are well aware of the many dangers of the road. Inclement weather, distracted drivers, and debris in the roadway can all be dangerous hazards for travelers. Unfortunately, many young drivers are not well-equipped or properly trained on how to handle specific dangerous situations when driving. Here are some teen driving drills administered by driving schools to help young travelers.

Accident Avoidance & Emergency Lane Change Teen Driving Drill

When driving on a busy highway or road, changing lanes safely to avoid accidents or debris on the roadway is a crucial skill to have. The first step in mastering this skill is staying aware while driving and taking notice of the surroundings and possible dangerous situations with both fellow drivers and other potential hazards. If a teen driver can identify a potential hazard or accident before it happens, they are more likely to take corrective action and avoid the danger all together.

One driving drill that can be performed to help further master this skill is an emergency lane change exercise. For this drill, an instructor will set up three lanes with lights at the end of each lane. Students will accelerate in a particular lane, and when the instructor illuminates another lane’s light, the student will need to change lane as safely and quickly as possible. Not only will they have to change lanes on command, students will also be required to come to a safe stop at the end of the lane.

Teen Driving Drill for Wet Braking

Inclement weather is another hazardous element with which drivers must deal. Wet, snowy, and icy roads can be a challenge for even the most experienced driver, let alone younger drivers. Another drill that driving instructors will be able to administer is a wet braking safety drill. During this drill, students will practice abruptly braking on a wet surface and learning how to turn the vehicle effectively. This drill can be done for both vehicles with ABS and non-ABS braking systems.

Honing these important driving skills and practicing driving in general are important for teen drivers. Even after a teen has received their license, it can still be beneficial for them to attending driving school and further practice the skills and situational drills that will keep them safe on the road. When teens are properly trained to handle the dangers of driving, they are less likely to be involved in roadway accidents and incidents.

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*Photo Courtesy of **RCB** via Creative Commons License