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How to Handle Right-of-Way at Intersections

Posted by on Oct 18, 2017 in Driving Tips | 0 comments

To promote safety for everyone while out on the road, all drivers, especially younger ones, must learn to respect the right-of-way of others and to practice caution while advancing through intersections. This is an easy enough task for drivers, especially for those who just learned about it while studying for their driver’s test. However, for those who may have skimmed through the material or those who need a quick refresher, check out our guide on the basics of right-of-way and learn to become safer while behind the wheel of your vehicle. Intersections To put it simply, intersections are points where two roads meet, such as side streets, cross streets, roundabouts, or freeway entrances. Since the likelihood of accidents increases at intersections, drivers would be wise to proceed cautiously using the following rules: Crossing intersections with no yield or stop...

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Deciding When to Use Headlights

Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Driving Tips, Safety Tips | 0 comments

To ensure individuals maintain safety and improve their visibility while driving, it’s essential that they know when to use their headlights and when not to. Luckily, as part of the facts and laws we must all learn to be able to acquire a driver’s license, most of us have a solid foundation when it comes to headlights, However, if you need a refresher, our guide below can do just that by going over standard headlight laws and safe highlight use. Daytime Headlights Unless bad weather conditions decrease visibility, most state laws regarding headlights don’t require drivers to use headlights in the daytime. Regardless of the weather conditions, however, using headlights in the daytime can still improve both safety and visibility. Several occasions when using daytime car headlights could help lower your chances of an accident occurring include the following:...

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