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How to Safely Pass a Car

Posted by on Apr 16, 2018 in Driving Tips, Safety Tips | 0 comments

If you have been driving for more than a minute, you already know you eventually come up on a car that you need to pass. This can be a pretty tense moment for a new driver, but we have put together some basic tips that will help you safely pass that car and get back into the main driving line with confidence. Step 1: Scan the road around you for any possible hazards, such as other cars quickly approaching from the rear (let them pass first) and merging vehicles. Step 2: Check your blind spots. Step 3: Before moving into the passing lane, put your turn signal on to signal your intention, then accelerate into the passing lane. Step 4: Continue acceleration to appropriate speed in passing lane until you have safely passed the intended vehicle, then turn off...

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Installing Remote Starters

Posted by on Apr 2, 2018 in Car Maintenance | Comments Off on Installing Remote Starters

Imagine having the ability to turn your vehicle on, heat up the engine, and have the heater turned up to full-blast before even stepping outside—that is what it’s like to have a remote starter in your life. Such an addition may seem like too big of an upgrade to do by yourself, but with some quick know-how and the proper tools and parts, it’s possible to install a remote starter all on your own. Buying new cars with this feature built in or simply paying for a professional upgrade can be costly, but follow our quick guide and your current vehicle will be ready to go! Choosing Your Remote Starter While there are methods available for installing remote starters in manual transmission vehicles, the installation process is much easier for automatic transmission vehicles. However, before you set out to...

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