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Safe Driving Tips for Severe Weather

Severe weather poses a unique set of challenges for drivers who must wind their way through treacherous roadways. The slippery road conditions make it difficult to maintain firm control of the vehicle and see properly through the elements. Driving during a severe snow, ice, or rainstorm can be dangerous, so there are important safety tips drivers should exercise to avoid personal or property damage.

The most important thing to do when driving in severe weather is to reduce your speed. When driving in slippery road conditions, cars must go slowly to avoid not being able to stop in case the car in front of them or a pedestrian makes a sudden stop or crosses in front of the car. Cars must maintain a steady, reduced speed to keep their vehicle under control.

During bad weather, delays are inevitable as drivers try to navigate the weather pattern together at lower speeds than usual. Practice a lot of patience with extra cautious drivers who go too fast or drive too aggressively. The key is to be patient and remain calm to concentrate on getting to where you are going safely.

When driving under fogging conditions, severe thunderstorms, or in extreme wind, visibility is a big factor. Motorists need to keep their lights on during the day on when it is too rainy or foggy. By keeping your lights on, you are able to maximize your ability to see. You will also want to make sure your wipers and window cleaning fluid are working well to keep the windshield clear.

When people find themselves in a precarious driving situation during bad weather, the best thing to do is to brake slowly to keep the brakes from locking up. Slow, patient driving with proper brakes and lighting are just a few of the ways to promote safe driving during a severe storm.

*Photo Courtesy of Chris Dodson via Creative Commons License