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Road Test Tips

Classroom instruction and driving lessons are preparation for the road test, the practical assessment that helps determine whether someone qualifies for a driver license. The road test may take less than 30 minutes but it seems to drag on forever. Drivers who are informed and prepared have the best chance of passing.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to the road test and at least 50 hours of supervised practice driving is recommended. Driving after sunset should account for at least 15 of these hours and at least ten hours should involve driving in traffic that is moderate to heavy. Lessons from a licensed and reputable commercial driving school can be very beneficial.

In NJ, the initial road test can be scheduled online. The driver should bring the identification used to obtain the driving permit, a valid examination permit, six-point identification and address verification, an accompanying licensed driver, a registered vehicle with current inspection stickers, vehicle insurance card, and license plate decals to the road test. During the test, the examiner will evaluate sitting position, steering, stopping, nearing intersections and corners, turning around, yielding to right-of-way, and parallel parking.

A road test takes approximately ten to 15 minutes and upon passing, the driver receives an authorization slip and permit to exchange for a driver license at a Motor Vehicle Commission Agency. Drivers who fail their road tests must wait two weeks or more before retaking the test. Those who fail more than two times may have to wait six months before retaking their road tests.

Though many drivers blame their vehicles or instructors for failing a road test, they are usually to blame. Practicing driving skills with an experienced instructor is the best way to prepare for a road test. Drivers who have practiced also tend to be more confident and their reduced level of anxiety helps them focus on passing the test.

*Photo Courtesy of John Fischer via Creative Commons License