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Don’t Be An Annoying Driver

Though most drivers consider themselves the safest and most accommodating vehicle operators, this is far from true. At one time or another, many of us have been downright annoying and may have even been dangerous to other drivers. Review the information below to discover whether you are guilty of being an annoying driver and stop these behaviors immediately.

Talking on a cell phone is not only the top annoying habit, it is also dangerous. Drivers who talk on their cell phones stand an equal chance of causing an accident as drivers who are legally drunk. These drivers also tend to weave between lanes, cause confusion at intersections, and drive slower than traffic, creating a delay. Put down that cell phone!

Driving too fast is another major annoyance and this is not restricted to exceeding the speed limit. Rain, ice, snow, and other road conditions may make it unsafe to travel at posted speeds. Drivers who travel at unsafe speeds based on conditions risk their lives and the lives of others. They could lose control of their cars, spin into other vehicles, and knock these cars off the road. Select a speed that maximizes vehicle control and reaction time without compromising safety.

Using a turn signal is a basic driving rule and it is also courteous, allowing other drivers to plan their moves accordingly. Signal intentions and turn off the signal once the move has been completed. When driving at night, use headlights but avoid turning on high beams in oncoming traffic. This powerful illumination limits vision, impairing driving ability. Headlights that are poorly aimed can also be dangerous so have a professional inspect headlight alignment regularly.

Driving with snow on the car is one of the most annoying things a motorist can do after a snowstorm. Snow on the roof or hood can become airborne during travel and could shatter the windshield of a following car. It is against the law to drive with snow on the car in some states, so take time to clean snow off the vehicle before hitting the roadways.

Bald tires, burned out headlights, worn wiper blades, and bad shocks are some faulty equipment that can endanger all drivers, turning a motorist into an annoying and risky operator. Other annoyances pertain to driver actions including traveling in the far left lane even when other cars want to pass, taking up two parking spaces, transporting improperly secured loads, and overreacting to drivers who unknowingly make mistakes.

*Photo Courtesy of Francis Bourgouin via Creative Commons License