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When You See Animals Trapped in Hot Vehicles

Posted by on Aug 9, 2019 in Driving Tips, Safety Tips | 0 comments

With the dog days of summer officially here, there will most likely be a number of clueless, sometimes cruel people who leave cats, dogs, and other animals inside hot vehicles. As many hopefully know, leaving animals in hot vehicles—even for just a couple of minutes with the windows slightly down or in a shaded spot—is akin to leaving human babies in there alone. Per PETA, vehicles can easily hit temperatures of 100 or 102 degrees Fahrenheit on 78-degree days in a few minutes. If it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, temperatures inside a vehicle can reach 160 degrees, making it an actual death sentence for living creatures. Depending on your town, county, or state, Good Samaritans attempting to save pets from hot vehicles can be praised as heroes (which they are) or they could face charges like criminal trespass or...

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Helping Your Dog Through Car Motion Sickness

Posted by on Jul 8, 2019 in Driving Tips, Safety Tips | Comments Off on Helping Your Dog Through Car Motion Sickness

For some dogs, a ride in the car is just about the greatest thing in the world. However, just as people can, dogs can develop motion sickness, and even short car trips can cause high levels of stress in dogs and high levels of disgust in owners if their dogs throw up their breakfast all over the seat. Luckily, there are methods for easing and eliminating motion sickness in dogs, including medication and conditioning. Regarding which dogs are more prone to motion sickness, it has less to do with breed and more to do with age, as the inner ears of puppies and younger dogs are likely still developing. If their first car rides cause nausea, your dog may start equating travel with discomfort, even after their balance system matures fully. Therefore, dogs suffering from motion sickness must be treated immediately. Additionally,...

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