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Is Driving in Flip Flops Dangerous?

Posted by on Apr 22, 2019 in Driving Tips, Safety Tips | 0 comments

With summer well on its way, there’s a good chance you’ll want to get with the season and start wearing sandals or even flip flops all the time, even while driving. However, you might want to reconsider your preferred shoe choice, as it may actually threaten your life to wear the wrong kind of footwear. According to a recent study in Great Britain, headed by an insurance company called Sheila’s Wheels, wearing flip flops while driving poses certain dangers, with flimsy footwear resulting in roughly 1.4 million accidents and close calls every year—and these are stats motorists should not take lightly. The poll even revealed flip flops could be more dangerous to drive in than a set of high heels, as they’re less attached to your feet and can make braking difficult. When compared with high heels, flip flops...

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Why Drivers Must Stay in Vehicles When Power Lines Come Down

Posted by on Mar 9, 2019 in Driving Tips, Safety Tips | Comments Off on Why Drivers Must Stay in Vehicles When Power Lines Come Down

When a power line has gone down and is over or near your car, you should always assume the wire within the power line is still live or “energized.” Even if you can’t see smoke, arcs, or sparks coming from the power line, it may still be energized. Even with downed lines that have low voltage, from 120 to 130 volts, there’s still enough amperage and enough voltage to give you a lot of trouble as any high voltage line could. The real danger occurs when you step out from your car—setting one foot onto the ground while the other remains in the vehicle causes you to complete a circuit and then get electrocuted or shocked. This is called “touch potential.” In another instance, you might step out from your vehicle and start walking from the downed line to...

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