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4 Quick Strategies for Your Driver’s Permit Test

One of the greatest mistakes new drivers make when getting ready for their driver’s permit test is not studying enough—thinking it won’t be too hard or they have the basic rules, regulations, and laws of the road down pat. However, once at the DMV, most of them soon realize how mistaken they were. Because the test is much more complicated than many people imagine, it’s smart to do whatever you can in order to make sure you pass the test on your first try. You can make the testing process so much easier by using a few simple strategies, such as the ones found below:

Study, Study, and Study Some More

When you’re learning something new, the very first inevitable thing to do is start reading all you can about it and read it several times. Read the state’s driving manual in sections and read each section again before moving to a new one. You shouldn’t see this as information to cram in and then forget about later—learning the manual is a part of your responsibilities as a future driver. To help yourself even more, you can try taking notes or even have family or friends quiz you.

The Night and Morning Before

One of the best ways to successfully pass your permit test is by making good use of your time right before. This means studying the manual again, taking online free practice tests, having a friend quiz you again, and getting a good eight hours of rest. After getting up, eat a solid breakfast and even consider light exercise like jogging or going for a walk to get your blood pumping. If you can, take your test early to avoid stressing about it all day. If you can’t, try staying busy or relaxing completely—whichever keeps you calmest or from panicking. Whether it’s meditation, yoga, reading, or gardening, choose something that keeps your heart rate and your mind calm.

Be Surrounded by Helpful People

“Helpful” can refer to supportive family members, friends, loved ones, or anyone else who can help you prepare for your test. Have this support system help you study, especially in areas where you’re struggling. Also, if you know someone who’s taken the same test recently, try talking to them about what you should expect or asking for advice on not getting anxious.

Keep a Positive Outlook

Besides studying and practice tests, maintaining a positive outlook is one of the greatest assets you can have walking in to take your permit test. If you’re confident in the efforts you’ve put in to the material, then you’re ready for your permit exam. Act as you’ve already passed with flying colors and have your permit in hand. Picture yourself seeing the questions on the test and knowing all the answers. Imagine all of this while telling yourself you’re not nervous because if you’ve done the work, there is no reason for you to be nervous at all.

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