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What to Remember About Speeding and Driving

Speeding Puts Yourself and Others in Danger

Even though it is a well-known fact that using excessive speed while driving greatly increases the risk of a fatal accident, a recent survey has shown that almost 70 percent of drivers admit to exceeding the speed limit posted on the road. Statistics also show that over 30 percent of all fatal crashes have speeding as a contributing factor, but speeding isn’t just a problem on major highways—it is also a problem on local roads and especially when the weather conditions are not ideal. While it may be tempting to speed on the open road, it is still very dangerous, so here are some helpful tips to slow you down and keep you safe.

Plan Driving Time Ahead of Time

Many times the reason someone speeds is because they are trying to get somewhere on time or they are running late. An easy way to help curb the need to speed is by planning ahead and making sure to give enough time to get to the destination. Make sure to check the traffic and weather conditions before leaving to determine if any additional travel time is needed and how much in order to still make it on time. This definitely helps calm the sense of panic and stop the need to speed on the road.

Heed the Weather Conditions

Speeding in poor weather is very, very dangerous, especially if the weather makes the condition of the roads poor as well. Driving in a snow storm, on unplowed roads, on wet roads, or when it is raining heavily is dangerous on its own, and when speeding is added to the mix the result can be fatal. Make sure to check the weather conditions and take the changes to road conditions into account before heading out on a trip, and keep in mind the added danger that poor road conditions provide and slow down.

Be Prepared for Speed Limit Adjustments

With the spring season upon us, more and more road construction is going to begin all over the country. Many times when a work zone is set up the speed is reduced to help keep both the road workers and drivers safe. Make sure to keep an eye out for road work signs and changes to speed that may occur during the trip and adjust your speed accordingly. This is very important, not only to keep yourself and your passengers safe, but also to look out for the safety of the road workers in the area.

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