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What to Do When You Have a Car Breakdown

Tips for Navigating On-the-Road Car Troubles

Having a car break down or getting into an accident on the road can be a frightening experience, not to mention dangerous. Being stuck on a highway or at a busy intersection is hazardous even when the trouble is just a flat tire. In the event that something of this nature does happen, it is important to keep a few key tips in mind to stay safe.

Make the Vehicle Visible

No matter where an accident or break down occurs, it is important to make the vehicle visible to other drivers. Disabled vehicles that are easily seen are less likely to be swiped or hit. Once the car is pulled off the roadway, turn on 4-way flashers or use road flares to show the vehicle’s location. If the incident occurs during dusk or evening hours, turn on the car’s interior lights for extra visibility.

Stay Inside

Breaking down or having an accident on a busy highway can be a headache, but it can also be very dangerous; keeping safe needs to be the top priority in this kind of situation. If an incident has occurred, do not get out of the vehicle, even to check damage or make a repair. If possible, move the vehicle to a safer location with less traffic and more visibility. Injury is more likely to occur while outside a disabled vehicle than inside one.

Call for Help

If the vehicle is beyond roadside repair or an accident is more than a fender-bender, call for professional assistance. Tow-truck drivers and emergency personnel are trained to handle these situations and can be helpful in getting the vehicle and driver off the road safely. If the car is broken down, raise the hood and put the 4-way flashers on; this will indicate to emergency personnel that the driver is in distress and needs assistance. Got in an accident? Always get the other party’s insurance information; even if the damage seems minor, other problems could be uncovered once the vehicle is inspected.

Traveling the open road is both necessary and exciting, but knowing what to do during a break down or accident is key. Making sure other driver’s see the car, staying inside on busy roadways and calling for help when needed are some ways to help keep safe in a roadside emergency. Knowing how to navigate car trouble is just as important as navigating the road!

*Photo Courtesy of Chris and Kris via Creative Commons License