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What Should My First Car Be?

Buying your first car can seem intimidating at first, but, with some research, it can be exciting for everyone involved. To help with the buying process — whether it’s the new driver buying or the parents —  here are a few cars that might be ideal for a new car owner.

Ford Mustang

While known to be a “muscle car,” the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Ford Mustang a good crash test rating. This model is also your best bet for horsepower and durability. If parents are concerned about their teenagers speeding, avoid the V-8 model (and give the kids a talking-to). Roughly, 2005 -2014 models can be found starting at $6,000.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is probably one of your most reliable and cost effective options. If this car is taken care of, it can last you well over 250k miles. The Civic is also one of Honda’s most popular models, so most repairs are affordable. Due to their popularity, there are also plenty of accessories to choose from, making it easier to personalize for each driver. From 2001 models and onward, the price can be anywhere from $5,000 and upward.

Honda CR-V

If drivers looking for more room, the Honda CR-V is just as convenient as the Honda Fit. This compact mini-SUV is both reliable and fuel efficient. It’s four-cylinder engine packs plenty of power too. For parents who have high school athletes, the CR-V is great for storing equipment and carpooling with teammates. Also, younger drivers have higher insurance rates, so you may find the low insurance costs to be another great feature. Starting prices can range from $7,500 and upward.

Toyota Celica

The Toyota Celica is a great compact car that’s fast and reliable. It’s low to the ground but has plenty of leg room and space in the trunk. The Celica also has great fuel capacity, so this is a great first car for someone who’s always on the go. If you’re purchasing for your teenager, you won’t have to worry about handing over money for gas as often as other vehicles. For 1996-2006 models, expect to pay at least $5,500.

Toyota Tacoma

Whether they’re looking for their first car or their first job, the Toyota Tacoma may be the best fit for teens. This pickup has great off-road capability and a strong build. It may not be the best option for fuel efficiency, but the engine offers great performance. The bed provides enough space for moving large items and storing tools. For 1998-2004 models, your starting price will likely be somewhere around $5,900.

Whatever model you choose, with enough research and planning you’ll be sure to find a great first car for your needs. These cars are great for first time drivers as well as seasoned motorists. Just remember to buckle up before testing them out!

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