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Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinics Coming to New Jersey!

What You Need to Know and Where to Sign Up for these Safety Clinics

Teen driver safety is one of the most important thing to parents when their children begin to drive. While it is important to communicate safety tips and practices to teen drivers, it often helps to get professionals guidance on the subject as well. Toyota offers a free clinic specifically geared toward teen drivers to help teach them about driver safety and different precautions and tactics that can help keep them safe while behind the wheel. Toyota’s “Teen Driver Safety Clinics” are coming to New Jersey beginning in late September – here is everything you need to know to get your teen registered!

What is the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic?

Toyota’s “Teen Driver Safety Clinics” are a free two and a half hour, interactive, non-driving safety session that offers both current teen drivers and pre-drivers as well as their parents the opportunity to learn about young driver safety beyond the typical tips and guidance. During the session, teens will learn about vehicle dynamics, safety features, distracted driving, defensive driving and the importance of maintaining a vehicle in order to improve safety. The course instructors will share car care tips, techniques and other tools that teens, and even parents, can use to helping keep them safe on the road.

Although this is a non-driving session, Toyota’s “Teen Driver Safety Clinics” offer young drivers an opportunity to participate in hands-on activities both in a classroom setting and in and around their car. These activities will center on the promotion of safe driving behaviors and general road safety. Some of the other topics that are included in the course cover understanding the car’s performance dynamics, basic maintenance fundamentals and understanding warning lights, defensive driving best practices and even communication and coaching tips for parents to use with their teen driver or teen pre-driver.

Where to find a Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic

Toyota’s “Teen Driver Safety Clinics” are being held at Toyota dealerships across both New York and New Jersey throughout the months of September and October. To find a clinic near you and to register your teen driver, go to and click the TeenDrive365 link on the main page. There you will find a list of locations where the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinics are taking place on what dates and will have the option to register for these clinics right online! Continue exploring the Toyota Driving Expectations website to find out more information regarding teen driver safety.

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