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Tools Every Teen Driver Needs to Know How to Use

What You Teen Driver Should Know, Even if They Are Not a Mechanic

Chances are your teen doesn’t have a passion for car maintenance and may not have the drive to become a mechanic. While that is not a requirement for driving, there are some basic tools all drivers should know about and be able to use in order to perform basic vehicle maintenance or be able to fix small problems should they ever be in a breakdown situation. Here are a list of the basic tools of the trade and what teen drivers should know about them to continue to be safe on the road.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are something every driver should have in his or her vehicle in case he or she gets stranded with a dead battery – although most people have them, drivers should not rely on passersby to have them in their vehicle when they need a hand. If you do not already have a set of cables, make sure to invest in a good set that are easy to use and store them in the trunk or backseat of the car for easy access. Additionally, it is possible to buy an entire emergency tool kit that also includes jumper cables.

Tire Iron and Jack

Another common road problem is having a flat tire, so having the tools and knowing how to change a tire is another important skill even for the most novice drivers. While many newer vehicles will come with a small, built in tire jack older vehicles will not so it is important to get one if you do not already have one. Having a tire iron is often crucial for being able to get the busted tire off and getting the new tire or the spare tire on without issue. Many people remove these items from their car to make room for something else, thinking they will not need it – until they get a flat and wish they would have kept it!

Tire Pressure Gauge

Many gas stations offer free air in order to fill tires and this equipment usually also includes a tire pressure gauge. Even though this is true, drivers may not be by a gas station or other service station in order to use a tire gauge, so having one in the car can come in handy. They make tire pressure gauges that are small enough to easily fit inside a glovebox or back seat pouch and they are relatively inexpensive. Proper tire pressure is important for the car to operate correctly and have the tires last.

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