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Tips from A Few Jersey Drivers

With sundown arriving sooner and holiday drivers becoming more hectic daily, here are a few tips to help you remain safe on and off the road as per suggestions of veteran New Jersey drivers.

“Place your left shoe next to the baby.” – Donna Popovich

Busy parents tend to experience mental lapses and, in some extreme cases, have left babies in the car with the windows closed. Considering nearly 40 children have died in hot car deaths this year, Popovich’s low tech method can help in preventing such oversights. After all, drivers rarely get out of their cars with only one shoe.

“I keep the radio on.” – Jan Lehmann

For vehicles with electronic ignition, push buttons have replaced keys in most later models. However, this convenience can lead to theft if you accidentally leave the car running. When parked in a garage, you also run the risk of building carbon monoxide levels. Most models have shut off mechanisms or alerts for drivers in case this happens. However, for the older models that don’t include these safety features, it may help to leave the radio on. Since the radio only operates when the car is running, this could help you remember to not leave the car running.

“Glance in the driver’s rear view mirror as you pass. If you can’t see his face, assume he hasn’t seen yours.” – Nancy Fallon

Fallon, an old proprietor of a small trucking firm, believes drivers should understand the “danger zones around tractor trailers.” As per Fallon, Shell Oil Co. described this rule to avoid blind spots.

“Check manhole covers for names of host communities. Utility poles contain the same information, although abbreviated.” – David Wieldon & Bob Held

If you’re lost and your GPS fails to pinpoint the town, Wieldon and Held suggest looking to these places to help you gain a sense of direction.

“Reductions aren’t retroactive.” – Dan Mosenkis

You can shave driving points from your license by taking inexpensive courses sponsored by the MVC, AAA, or AARP. Mosenkis suggests doing so after receiving a traffic ticket since they are not retroactive.

“Try a $100 deductible. Yes, it will raise your premium but only nominally.” – Tom Skevin

It’s easier to lower your premium by increasing your collision insurance deductible, but’s even better, as per Tom Skevin, to reduce your comprehensive deductible, which covers less costly but more frequent damage.

“Drive in your car’s lowest gear, but don’t exceed 25 mph.” – Marvin Oppenheim

When navigating in the snow and on ice, driving in the lowest gear at a slow speed makes braking safer.

“Drive as if you have no brakes” – Lenny Amberger

Driving cautiously in any condition is always encouraged. Drivers should watch out for themselves and other drivers on the road. This simple rule can help spare future accidents.

“Always carry identification.” – Glenn Corbett

In case of a car accident, always have identification on you if out jogging or bicycling. Carrying the proper information can help first responders like firefighters quickly notify any emergency contacts.

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