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Tips for Getting Your License as a Teen Driver

Step by Step Guide to Getting Your License

Reaching the legal driving age is an exciting time for most teenagers – this is their opportunity to get behind the wheel and hit the open road. Although some teens may be confused about the process they should follow to obtain their license, the steps that must be taken are generally very straight forward. Here is a guide to preparing an obtaining a driver’s license as a teen driver.

Enroll in a Driver’s Education Course and Participate in Behind-the-Wheel Training

The very first step in obtaining a license as a teen driver is to enroll in and complete a Driver’s Education course. Although many high schools now offer this as part of their curriculum for students, it is important to ensure this training is received. A Driver’s Education course will teach the general rules of the road and help to prepare teens for both the written and practical parts of a driver’s test. Once the Driver’s Education course is completed, enroll in Behind-the-Wheel training with a certified instructor like Training Wheels. Depending on the regulations in your state, there may be a minimum number of instruction hours. For instance, in New Jersey, 16-year old students must complete six hours of training with a driving school prior to using their permit on their own (with a supervising adult).

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once both the Driver’s Education and Behind-the-Wheel training have been completed (if mandated), teens are free to practice driving with a supervising adult – check your state’s regulations as to whom can be considered a “supervising adult.” They can choose to enroll in additional classes with the driving school or with an experienced driver. One of the more difficult driving skills every teen should practice is parallel parking. They should also practice turning, lane changes, driving in traffic, and night driving.

It’s Time to Take Your Driver’s Test!

Once the required number of practice hours have been completed, teens can apply to take their driver’s test and receive their driver’s license. To get this process off on the right foot, make sure to have all the proper paperwork in order such as proof of Driver’s Education and Behind-the-Wheel training, learner’s permit signed by a parent or guardian, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, proof of teen’s legal name and birth date and social security card. When taking the test, remember to stay calm – driver’s tests can be nerve-wracking but this will help you think clearly and pass the test with flying colors!

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