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Simple Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

This Basic Driving Tips Could Save Your Life

Even with all the safety advances made in the motor vehicle industry, car accidents are still one of the main causes of death in today’s modern world. Although the cars are safer, it is important to remember that they are operated by human beings – human beings who make mistakes and often have trouble retaining the most basic driving information. Even though human error is natural, there are some simple ways that drivers can help keep themselves, other motorists and pedestrians safe while on the road.

Be Conscious of Music While Driving

Every vehicle comes equipped with a radio and speakers. Although these items are in every car, there is little information on how they should be used safely. Since music is standard, it is easy to assume that turning up the dial and playing with the radio are completely safe activities, but listening to music often leads to distracted driving. While this should not suggest the only way to drive safely is by not listening to anything, it is important for drivers to be aware of how music affects them. Make sure the volume is at a reasonable level so you can hear what is going on around you and avoid listening to music that gets you excited – studies show that those who listen to techno or dubstep have a tendency to drive faster.

Make Sure Mirrors are Positioned Correctly

Mirror placement is covered in any driving instruction class and it is important to practice this basic principle in day-to-day life. Mirrors on the sides of a vehicle are meant to eliminate blind spots but mistake that many drivers make is having mirrors adjusted so they can see their own car. The issue with this is that when a driver can see their own car there are other cars and objects around them that cannot be seen. When adjusting side mirrors, angle them so a car can be seen at all points until it moves into your field of vision. Rearview mirrors should be positioned so a car moves from the rearview mirror, to the side view mirror and into your field of vision, helping to eliminate as many blind spots as possible.

Headlights Should be Used at All Times

The general rule for headlights is to use them at night or when it is dark, 30 minutes after dawn or before dusk and when windshield wipers are on during inclement weather. Although these are good guidelines, a recent study suggests that having headlights on at all times can help greatly reduce the risk of getting into an auto accident. Even during the brightest daylight hours, a car’s headlights make the car that much more visible – if another driver sees a flash or glare from headlights, even for a split second, they are more likely to take notice of the cars around them. This added safety measure is why many modern cars come standard with “daytime running lights” that are illuminated at all times.

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*Photo Courtesy of F Mira via Creative Commons License