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Should New Jersey Adopt Texas Teen Driving Video Program?

Information on the IMPACT Texas Teen Drivers Video

Believe it or not, the number one killer of teens is not drugs or alcohol – it is reckless and distracted driving. With these startling statistics at the forefront of many conversations, it is not surprising many state governments and private agencies are doing their best to spread the word about the true dangers of distracted driving, including texting or using a cell phone while behind the wheel. One state in particular has just rolled out a new requirement for teen drivers to help combat districted driving.

On September 1 of this year, Texas rolled out a new program for teen drivers. This requirement comes in the form of a two-hour video that can be accessed online and aims to drive home the serious dangers of texting and driving as well as other distracted driving behaviors pose to both the teen and other individual’s on the road. The video uses images and clips that hit the heart of the issue and does not sugar coat the dangers.

The IMPACT Texas Teen Drivers video is full of footage that shows real-life crashes and situations teens can find themselves in as a result of distracted driving and presents the information using language that teens can understand and relate to. For example, one clip features a girl explaining to viewers reckless driving is “speeding and driving like an idiot.” This video is the last thing teenagers will have to complete before getting their license.

The video is just one part of the IMPACT Texas Teen Drivers program that has been implemented into the driver’s license curriculum for the state. This was done as an attempt to help make a positive impact on highway safety, for both young drivers and other individuals on the road. Law enforcement officials are hoping that the program will prevent distracted driving accidents and also stop them from having to contact parents to notify them their child has died in a car crash due to texting and driving.

Since the program and video are relatively new, it is hard to say what the impact will be on the teen driving and distracted driving statistics. If the program is successful in making a positive impact, it would not be surprising to see similar programs and video requirements become law in other states.

*Photo Courtesy of State Farm via Creative Commons License