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Safe Summer Driving Tips for Teens

Keeping Teens Safe during Summer Fun Travel

Once the final school bell rings, teens with their drivers’ licenses generally take off to the mall, the pool or the beach, happy to not have to deal with school for a few months. Although this is supposed to be a fun time in a teen’s life it is sometimes met with tragedy in the way of car incidents and accidents – the National Safety Council reports that teen deaths in connection to car accidents nearly triples during the summertime. This is why it is vitally important to share safe summer driving tips with young motorists.

Always Wear a Seatbelt

Even though most teens grew up in the era where seatbelt use was required, their new-found freedom behind the wheel may have them forgetting or declining to use this crucial safety device. Remind teens that wearing a seatbelt while driving or being a passenger in a car can ultimately help to save their lives. Do not hold back any sorted details when pressing this issue – seatbelts can prevent motorists and passengers from being ejected through the windshield of a car as well as prevent other types of injuries.

Choose the Right Car for Your Teen

Many teens dream of their first car being a flashy, fast sports model vehicle. The reality is that many teens have not developed the skills to handle these kinds of cars. Look for a vehicle that fits your teens driving level – SUVs and sedans drive differently from one another so it is important to find a vehicle that your teen is comfortable and confident in driving. It is also important that teens understand the preventative maintenance that is associated with the particular vehicle they are driving.

Do Not Overuse Cruise Control

Many newer models of cars have a cruise control feature. Although this device is great for long car trips and open highways with little traffic, it can also cause drivers, especially teens, to become lapse in their engagement with driving. Make sure to express to teens when it is appropriate to use cruise control and that it is still important to be vigilant behind the wheel. Cruise control should not be utilized at night because it is harder to see oncoming hazards and using cruise control may impede reaction times.

Summer vacation means freedom to teens, especially to teen drivers. They are free to roam and spend time with friends without having to worry about the commitments of school holding them back. While parents want their teens to enjoy summer, they also want them to be safe. Sharing these summer driving tips with your teen and reminding them of the dangers of distracted driving and other bad driving habits while with friends can help keep them alert, attentive and safe while behind the wheel.

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*Photo Courtesy of Bruce Turner via Creative Commons License