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Reducing Driving Anxiety

Ways You Can Reduce Driving Anxiety

There are certainly things in this world that people are afraid of – spiders, heights, large bodies of water – but we often do not hear about people having anxiety about cars and driving. While uncommon, many people have a fear of driving, which can manifest itself in a number of different ways. Some individuals have a fear of simply being in a car, some have a fear of operating a car, and others have anxiety when it comes to the potential of getting lost while on the road. Regardless of what your driving anxiety is, here are some helpful tips to help reduce the feelings of fear and stress while behind the wheel.

Stress Leads to Anxiety

Any stressful situation can easily lead to anxiety, and it is not a secret that driving at times can be a stressful event. At any given moment on the road, drivers are traveling at high speeds, maneuvering between other vehicles, and having to be on high alert for unskilled drivers who may pose a danger. These events can easily cause drivers to become anxious, and more often than not the cause of this anxiety is a dangerous situation or having a panic attack while behind the wheel. Additionally, it is possible for small amounts of stress to build up over periods of time, which can cause bursts of anxiety as well.

Be Brave

While it may sound easy to face our fears, it is often not the case, and for those who have a fear of even getting in a car, facing their fear of driving may be impossible. However, for those individuals who can muster up the courage to get behind the wheel, it is important for them to never avoid driving because of their anxiety. Even though it may cause severe fear to drive, avoiding the problem only makes the anxiety worse and can easily take a simple fear of being on the road and turn it into a full blown phobia.

Do Not Add to the Problem

In some cases, it can be people’s own driving that adds to their fear of being on the road. Make sure that your driving habits are not what is making driving such an anxious experience. Always ensure you drive within the posted speed limits, check blind spots regularly, use turn signals, and practice all other safe driving tips you have learned. It is important to make sure you are not contributing to the feelings of stress and fear that you have while driving.

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