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Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job

Anyone who has a vehicle knows that protecting a car’s paint job is just an essential part of protecting your investment. A great paint job that is well maintained can even come in handy if a car owner ever decides to sell. To keep your car in good condition, it may help to understand a car paint job’s common enemies. So, here are a couple of things you should steer clear of to maintain your car’s finish.

Airborne Contaminants

Air quality can affect the look of a car. Polluted areas tend to damage the surface and eventually start wearing on the paint. This is common in metropolitan areas due to frequent construction and heavy traffic. Washing your car often can help you avoid debris buildup and further damage. Also, a protective coating of wax can go a long way.

Bird Droppings

Droppings are highly acidic and are famous for eroding paint jobs. Try to avoid parking under trees or any area that can puts your car in a vulnerable spot. If you’re often forced to park out in the open, you can invest in a car cover to shield your vehicle’s exterior. Also, washing away droppings as soon as they appear can spare you the damage to the paint.

Salty Air

The ocean air can be comforting and refreshing, but it’s problematic to your car’s finish. Just as airborne contaminants can dull the coat, so can salty air. If you’re often in this type of environment, opt for covered parking like a parking garage or a home garage if you can. You can also try spraying the car with water to wash off the salt mist. A durable coat of wax can also help to avoid any corrosion.

Tree Sap

Sap is another reason you should avoid parking under trees. The sticky substance works like an adhesive to debris and will quickly collect dirt and grime. Try to rinse off tree sap as soon as you find it. Tree sap will also dull your coat of paint if left untreated.

The Sun

UV rays are bad for your paint job just as they are for skin. Too much sun can age your car’s overall look. Overtime, the color may fade and lose its polished aesthetic. Parking in shaded areas whenever you can will help your car’s paint job last longer.

While trying to avoid each of these issues, maintaining proper upkeep and using car covers can help your paint job in the long run. Also, parking in the garage instead of on the street can make a big difference to its finish. You should also try to wash your car at least once a week and use wax to protect and enhance the overall look of your car.

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