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Protecting Your Car’s Interior

Easy Ways You Can Keep Your Vehicle’s Interior Looking Brand New

Think about all the time you spend inside your car – commuting to work, running errands, carpooling the kids to and from soccer practice, taking family pets to the vet – that’s a lot of time isn’t it? Many people spend so much time in their car that they even joke about “living” inside it. However, spending so much time sitting in those seats can cause the interior to get dirty including food crumbs on the floors, smudges on the window, and even scratches and scuffs on the dashboard. Here are some tips to help keep your vehicle’s interior clean and help protect it from any further damage.

Give It a Quick Clean

The good news is it is easy to keep a vehicle’s interior from looking too “lived in.” By simply picking up the garbage, running a quick vacuum over the carpets and seats and wiping down the dashboard with some cleaner, it is easy to take your car from disaster area to relatively clean. It is also easy to keep it clean after putting in all this work – keep a plastic bag or bin in the vehicle to collect garbage and cover the seats with a towel or blanket when transporting messy children or pets in the car.

Enlist the Professionals

If your vehicle is especially dirty, you may need to enlist the help of a professional detailer to get it truly clean. While it costs some money, having your vehicle’s interior detailed can make it look basically brand new. These professionals can easily remove upholstery stains and vacuum out the cracks and crevices that you may not have been able to reach on your own. Again, once the vehicle has been professionally cleaned, doing small things to keep it looking nice can go a long way.

Make It Weather Resistant

We all know the havoc that sandy feet, muddy paws, and wet clothes can cause to the interior of our cars, which is why it may be a worthwhile investment to get some weather resistant floor mats. These mats can be easily removed from the vehicle and simply cleaned with a hose or running water. These floor mats are a great investment for those vehicle owners who have pets, like to spend time outdoors, or have children who play notoriously messy sports like soccer or football.

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