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Passing Your Driving Test the First Time

 Tips to Help You Pass Your Driving Exam

Getting a driver’s license and hitting the open road is one of the most exciting times in a teenager’s life. Not only is this a fun and liberating experience, it also sets young people up to start taking on larger responsibilities. Taking the road test can often be nerve wracking, and many times it is students’ nerves that could stand between them and passing their driving test. Here, we have compiled some helpful tips to make you feel more confident during your driving test and help to pass easily on your first try.

Know the Rules

Just as important as it is being able to drive the vehicle, it is also important to know the rules of the road. Many people believe that because they aced the written part of their test, they know all of the rules and have them committed to memory, which isn’t necessarily true – not to mention, it can be easy to freeze up and forget everything you know you knew. With this in mind, even if you have passed the written exam, make sure you have a firm understanding of driving rules and laws before your driving test.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As is true with anything in life, practice makes perfect – the more time you spend out on the road before your test, the better and more confident you will be. One way that students can practice driving is by obtaining a learner’s permit, which allows young drivers the opportunity to be behind the wheel and on the road with the help of a driving partner—generally a parent or an older sibling. When practicing with your partner, make sure to take his or her advice and pay attention to critiques.

Another way to practice driving is to take driving lessons with an instructor. Companies who offer driving lessons have trainer/driving instructors who take students out onto the road and help them learn how to be effective and safe drivers. Often times, these same instructors offer mock driving tests to see how well students do when the actual test comes – not only do these practice tests gauge what else you need to learn, but they also prepare you for what to expect the day of the test.

Don’t Be Nervous

Even if you practice every day for months before the test, chances are there will still be nerves when the big day comes. It is important to stay as calm as possible during the test and be confident that you know what you are doing behind the wheel – take a deep breath, you’re going to do great!

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