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Packing Tips for College Students

Keeping College Necessities Safe When Moving

As college students get ready to go back to campus, they are beginning to gather and pack the items they are taking along with them from home. While most universities and colleges provide students living in dormitories with basic furniture like desks, desk chairs, closets, bed frames, and mattresses, students need to bring a lot of items with them, such as lamps, lounging chairs, drawers, desk items, sheets and blankets, and a number of other items. Packing all college necessities into a vehicle can be overwhelming, but here are some tips to help keep those items safe whether you’re moving in or out.

Distribute Weight Evenly—When packing up a vehicle, make sure to distribute the weight of items properly. Always place heavier items or boxes on the bottom and stack lighter items on top.

Pack Boxes Correctly—Much of the damage when moving is due to boxes being packed improperly. Always spread heavy items evenly across the bottom of the box and don’t make it too heavy for fear of items spilling through the bottom.

Keep Fragile Items Secure—Any fragile items, such as lamps and glasses, should be packed in the center of the box and also surrounded by soft items, such as blankets, towels, or bubble wrap.

Seal Boxes Correctly—Once a box is filled with items without it being too heavy, make sure the box is properly sealed using packing tape. The box should be taped on the top and the bottom.

Packing Plastic Drawers—Plastic drawers are a common dorm item since they provide extra storage. When packing these, make sure to tape the drawers shut and keep the items inside packed snugly.

Futon Mattresses—When packing futon or bed mattresses, consider wrapping them in plastic to help keep dust, bugs, and other debris from getting inside while transporting.

Microwaves—When packing a microwave, make sure to remove the glass plate from inside and pack it in a box using bubble wrap or another soft material to protect it.

Television—It is recommended to use the original packaging to transport a television, so that it is covered under any insurance it may have. If this is not available, wrap the TV in bubble wrap and plastic.

Lamps—Before packing lamps in plastic bags to keep them clean, always make sure to remove the light bulbs in order to prevent the glass from breaking during transport.

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