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Motorcycles: Tips for All Seasons

Be Safe on Your Motorcycle All Year Round

Those of us who enjoy riding motorcycles often envision ourselves riding the open road in the sunny, warm weather. While these are the most ideal riding conditions, unpredictable weather can make riding a motorcycle less than ideal and can often force riders to adapt to their conditions. Each of the four seasons – summer, fall, winter, and spring – present their own set of unique challenges that motorcycle riders may be faced with. Here is a guide for keeping safe on a motorcycle in any season or weather condition.

Summer Motorcycle Riding

While summer may seem like the ideal time to ride, it does present some challenges for motorcyclists. The warmer weather often has us stripping away layers of clothing – while this is important in order to stay cool, motorcycle riders should be very cautious of sunburn and dehydration during longer rides. Always make sure to wear breathable layers of clothing and apply sunscreen as needed to protect skin.

Fall Motorcycle Riding

When the days of summer fade and fall begins, it may be nice to get a break from the high temperatures. While sunburn and dehydration may no longer be an issue, unpredictable weather can still present a challenge. Since it is possible for motorcyclists to get caught in a fall rainstorm now and then, make sure to pack water-resistant gear and a pair of glasses or goggles in your backpack or saddle bags.

Winter Motorcycle Riding

Most motorcyclists, even the most dedicated ones, give serious consideration to putting their bike away during the winter months since cold temperatures, snow, and ice do not make for safe riding conditions. For those riders who do venture out, make sure to check the bike’s tires including their tire pressure and tread. Additionally, make sure to dress in warm layers to help keep your body warm.

Spring Motorcycle Riding

Once the coldest days have passed and spring begins to thaw us out, it is often the time when we see most motorcyclists out on the road. While the sun is out and the temperatures may be mild, spring is notorious for pop-up rain and thunderstorms. Always make sure to be prepared with rain gear and consider allowing rainstorms to pass before taking the bike out for a ride – roads are the most slippery right after a rainstorm begins (especially if it has not rained in a while), so waiting out the storm could help prevent a serious accident.

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