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Little Known Driving Tips You Really Should Know

Tips That Could Save Your Life

Incidents involving motor vehicles are one of the most common ways for people to get injured or even killed. Even though cars are getting safer and safer every year, they are still being operated by human beings who can make mistakes and misjudgments that can potentially cost people their lives. For those individuals who want to become safer drivers and help keep themselves and their passengers safe, here are some tips few drivers think about that could save your life.

Keep Your Car Out of Your Side-View Mirror

Believe it or not, few drivers know how to adjust their mirrors properly and while this may seem simple, drivers don’t always get it right. Mirrors are meant to help eliminate “blind spots” as much as possible, which is done by having mirrors adjusted far enough out that drivers cannot see their own car in the side-view mirror–if you can see your car, your mirror is not far enough. Having improperly adjusted mirrors actually cause larger blind spots by narrowing your field of vision, making it harder and more dangerous to drive.

Do Not Listen to Fast Paced or Techno Music

Did you know that listening to techno or club music while driving can actually make you drive faster and with less caution? It sounds obvious, but the specifics behind it is that fast paced music at loud volumes increases heart rate and excitement and makes drivers much more likely to press their foot down and increase their speed along with the song’s tempo. Additionally, listening to any music in general while driving is a distraction worth considering just as texting is.

Use Your Parking Brake Regularly

Drivers often reserve the use of their parking brake for situations where they need extra assurance that their vehicle will remain where it is parked, such as on a hill or in poor weather conditions. What many drivers do not know is that when the parking brake is left unused for a period of time, it can potentially stop working altogether. In order to ensure the parking brake remains in working condition and is functioning when you need it most, make sure to engage it every so often to keep it going.

Keep Your Headlights On

A recent study showed that drivers can reduce their risk of being in an accident by over 30 percent simply by having their headlights on at all times. While headlights are most useful at night or in the early morning when it is still dark (and of course when it is raining), it is important to keep in mind that any object that is lit up is much more visible, making it easier for other drivers or bikers and runners on the road to see you at all times.

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