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Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy During a Road Trip

Transporting Your Four-Legged Family Members

Warmer weather and summer months means more time in the car traveling for vacations or special day trips to just get away. Many pet lovers enjoy taking their furry loved ones along for the ride, but traveling with pets is not always as easy as it may seem. We know what we need to have a good road trip – music, snacks, and some company – but what do our pets need? put together a list about transporting your pet this summer and how to make their ride safe and enjoyable.

The Right Vehicle

The right car is very important for making sure your pet has a comfortable and safe trip. First, make sure to choose a car that is reliable on the road – this is important not just for furry friends but also human passengers. Next, think about the space the vehicle will provide for your pet. Small wagons or hatchbacks are great for smaller pets, giving them enough room with additional space for a crate or other items. Individuals with larger animals should consider the space of a mid to large size SUV.

The Right Equipment

Once you have chosen a vehicle offering ample space, consider aftermarket add-ons that will help keep your pet safe. This includes items like pet barriers to keep animals in the back and prevent them from climbing over seats and other passengers or restraint harnesses that act as animal seat belts to keep pets from getting hurt during sudden stops or accidents. Additionally, depending on the length of the trip, you may want to consider providing your pet with a travel bed or water bowl for added comfort.

The Right Gear

With your pet squared away on space and safety in the vehicle, it is important to consider additional gear you should bring for your pet for when you arrive at your destination. Some important items include:

  • Pet’s Collar/ID Tags
  • Packaged Food
  • Treats/Toys
  • Water Bowl/Water
  • Any Needed Medications
  • Plastic “Poop” Bags
  • Pet Carrier/Crate
  • Cleaning Supplies

Depending on the length of your trip, you may not need all of these items, but these should all be considered when you are preparing to travel. If you travel often with your furry friend, consider storing all these items in a duffle bag or zippered tote bag – this will make it easy to quickly check the bag for the needed supplies, load up your four-legged passenger and hit the road!


*Photo Courtesy of Trev Grant via Creative Commons License