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Keeping Your Car Safe on The Road

How to Protect Your Car From Damage and Theft

Drivers use their cars for quite a few things: a place to eat, storage, even extra shelter, and, obviously, a way to get from one destination to another. While drivers are traveling, their vehicle can be a home away from home, and, occasionally drivers can be forced to use vehicles to store some of their most valuable items. Here are a few tips to help provide a little extra protection for your car and belongings while out on the road.

Put Items Away Before Reaching Destination

You don’t want to arrive to your destination and immediately place expensive accessories and gadgets into your trunk in full view of onlookers. Even people who have no intention of breaking into your car are aware of where you’ve placed your most valuable possessions. While packing the car before the trip, place your valuables in spots that are not obvious or easily broadcasted.

Unload Closer to Your Destination

Try to park as close to your destination as possible when unloading. You never want to make several extended trips to and from your car at any time of day. This, again, is apparent and leaves easier access to your vehicle while you’re away. Fewer, shorter trips are less noticeable and overall more convenient.

Park Wisely

Out of sight, out of safety. When parking, make sure your car is easily visible and in a fair line of sight. Any spot with a large amount of pedestrian traffic usually provides a safer space for your vehicle. This increases the chances of someone getting caught if they try to break into your car.

Also, try not to back in when parking. You’ll want there to be a clear line of sight for your trunk as well. This is usually the first thing car thieves try to break into. Also, try to park somewhere that’s well lit, as this is often a sign of a busier area. When parking on the street, try to avoid sheltered areas that may make it hard for others to spot suspicious persons around your car.

Keep it Neat

A car with minimal items inside is least likely to get stolen. If you only have upholstery or old napkins in your cup holster, burglars find it less tempting. If there’s nothing to find, there’s nothing to steal. Cars without anything to hide are not as likely to be broken into, but a car full of towels or jackets appearing to hide value items suggest a lot to be found for car thieves.

Check and Recheck

If you have any cases or bags with electronics in them, check them if they have been left unattended in the car. Thieves tend to leave casings and bags behind because people are less likely to suspect anything was taken. Always double check to be sure nothing is gone once you’ve returned to your vehicle.

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