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Is Your Car Ready for an Emergency?

Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle for Young Drivers

Teens dream of having their license and hitting the open road well before they are old enough to do so. When that time finally arrives, they are more excited than ever to get behind the wheel, even if that wheel belongs to their parents car. When allowing teens to drive a family vehicle, it is important to make sure it is equipped with the proper emergency items in case such an event does occur.

Have a Car Emergency Kit

The last thing any parent wants is for his or her teen to be stranded on the side of the road with no means to help themselves. One of the first steps in preparing a car for a young driver is making sure there is a proper emergency kit located in the vehicle. This kit should include first aid supplies, a flashlight, extra batteries, road flares, a small tool box, and a road safety guide. These items will help teens during an emergency breakdown or accident and help protect them when assistance is on the way.

Keep the Car Equipped with a Spare Tire

A flat tire is a very common road incident that many young drivers will face while on the road. Make sure to teach teens how to properly change a tire and keep a spare tire and the proper maintenance equipment in the vehicle. Aside from the tire itself, make sure the vehicle is stocked with a car jack and lug wrench as well. Having these items on hand will make a teen feel more confident about handling this simple driving emergency on their own.

Electronic Devices can also Aid in an Emergency

Although no teen should ever talk or text on their cell phone while driving, these devices can come in very handy when there is an emergency on the road. Make sure the vehicle is equipped with a portable phone charge or even a cheap prepaid phone so teens can make calls for help when they are in an accident or have a vehicle breakdown. It is also a good idea to keep a functioning GPS, blankets, non-perishable snacks, and bottled water should your teen be lost or stranded for a period of time.

Teens are excited to be out on the open road and rarely show any fear when they get behind the wheel. Parents can take peace of mind in knowing their teen will be safe in different situations by making sure the car is stocked with the appropriate emergency items. Properly equipping the family car with these items can assist teens in helping themselves or requesting help when they need it most.

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*Photo Courtesy of Emergency Info BC via Creative Commons License