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How to Use Cruise Control

A Quick Guide for a Helpful Function

Staying within the speed limit is important and one of the many ways to ensure safety on the road. Occasionally, you may glance at the speedometer, hoping you’re not too far above or below the speed limit, but one way to make your drive a little easier is to lock in your mph using cruise control.

For those who don’t use this setting often, cruise control can be a little uncomfortable at first. You’re taking your foot off the accelerator and surrendering some control over your vehicle, but once you get used to it, it is easy to see how convenient it is. This feature is ideal for anyone driving at a steady speed. If you drive on the freeway without any frequent stops, you could use this setting to your advantage. Cruise control can help save on fuel, add comfort to a trip, and help you avoid speeding fines.


Your automobile can benefit and save fuel by using the cruise control feature since continuously accelerating and braking causes your car to use more fuel. Keeping a steady speed can help you save money when you stop to fill up. Most drivers are inconsistent with speed, but cruise control can make it a little easier.


Pressing your foot on the gas constantly can be uncomfortable, and holding your foot over the accelerator for too long can cause a strain on your legs. Using the cruise control feature feature allows you to relax for a moment, and if you prefer to be cautious, you can hold your foot over the break in case you need to turn off cruise control and adjust to a slower speed.


There are some drivers who have a “heavy foot” when it comes to using the gas pedal, so cruise control may benefit them the most when it comes to maintaining the speed limit and not exceeding it. Using this feature can help a driver break the habit of stepping on the gas, allowing him or her to avoid going over the speed limit.

Using Cruise Control

Wait until you reach at least 50 mph before checking the buttons on your steering wheel—there should be a cruise control option. Each car is different, but the option is usually somewhere near the steering wheel. Make sure not to drop speed in the process. While holding the gas pedal, hit the on button. From this point on, you should be able to coast. When you let off the gas, your mph should remain the same, but your rpm may drop, which is a normal response. To deactivate cruise control, just gently press on the break, and that will give you control again and turn off cruise control.

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