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How to Safely Pass a Car

If you have been driving for more than a minute, you already know you eventually come up on a car that you need to pass.

This can be a pretty tense moment for a new driver, but we have put together some basic tips that will help you safely pass that car and get back into the main driving line with confidence.

Step 1: Scan the road around you for any possible hazards, such as other cars quickly approaching from the rear (let them pass first) and merging vehicles.

Step 2: Check your blind spots.

Step 3: Before moving into the passing lane, put your turn signal on to signal your intention, then accelerate into the passing lane.

Step 4: Continue acceleration to appropriate speed in passing lane until you have safely passed the intended vehicle, then turn off your turn signal.

Step 5: Stay focused on the lane ahead and wait until you have established a safe distance between you and the passed vehicle before starting your return to the driving lane.

Step 6: Check your mirror for following cars.

Step 7: When you have established a safe distance to re-enter the lane, turn on your signal so the cars know you are moving back into the lane.

Step 8: Change lanes while maintaining your speed.

Step 9: Turn off your turn signal once you have completed the pass. Reduce speed to speed limit once you have established a safe distance in front of the vehicle you just passed.

This is something you will want to practice with your instructor during your driving classes and may even want to continue afterwards with your parents in the car to ensure you are doing it properly. With practice, passing a car will become second nature when you are on the road.

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