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How to Park Your Car

4 Tips to Help You Park Your Car Properly

When it comes to driving, learning how to park properly and safely can sometimes be more difficult than learning how to actually drive. Parking involves knowing and observing different reference points and determining if a space is large enough to fit the vehicle without hitting other cars. Added to the logistical challenges of parking are the number of other drivers and having to continuously watch for pedestrians. While this may seem overwhelming, there are some simple tips to help you master car parking.

Park in Spots Away from Other Vehicles

One of the easiest ways to avoid colliding with other cars in a parking lot is not to park near them. It is much easier to park in a parking space that does not have other vehicles all around it, helping to eliminate the risk of hitting a car all together. It is important, however, to still be hyper aware of what is around you – even when parking in the back of a parking lot that does not have many cars, there is still a risk of collision with cars that are driving and even pedestrians who are walking to or from their own cars. Use “open” parking as a way to practice for when you are forced to park in a packed lot.

Check and Recheck Your Blind Spots

When pulling in or out of a parking space, it is important to continuously look around and observe potential obstacles in both your field of view and blind spots. Parking lots have a lot of activity from cars coming and going, pulling in and pulling out, and most importantly, pedestrians who are walking through. Do not to assume that other drivers or pedestrians can see you and are paying attention – with the number of distractions individuals have, it is still vital to be a defensive driver even in a parking lot. By going slow and watching for people and cars, it is much easier to avoid any accidents while parking.

Move Slow and Turn Quickly

Moving slowly in a parking lot or while parking is not only safe, it can also help you park more accurately. A slow moving vehicle is much easier to control, which is why young drivers are reminded that “whipping in” to a parking spot or driving recklessly through a lot is an unsafe practice. Although the vehicle is moving slowly, it is important to also turn the wheel quickly – these fast movements help you to make adjustments to the position of the vehicle quickly while the car is moving into the parking spot. Of course, a simple way to perfect a parking technique is to practice, practice, practice!

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*Photo Courtesy of Matt Buck via Creative Commons License