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How to Choose the Right Floor Mat

Whether it’s from yard work, muddy shoes from a sports game, or snow or rain, there’s no end to the amount of grime, grass, and muck that can get tracked into a vehicle. That’s what floor mats are for—protecting a car’s interior from the various types of grime we bring in from the outdoors. From heavy duty rubber to fashion to everything in between, a floor mat can offer protection, style, or both, so it never hurts to think about choosing one that better fits your lifestyle. To get an idea of your options, follow our guide and pick the right mat for you.

Rubber Mats

When it comes to rubber mats, the construction is what makes it, offering various styles and exceptional protection from the elements. Thicker rubber mats with many more ridges can hold greater amounts of mud, water, grass clippings, sleet, snow, and dirt, thereby providing better protection for the vehicle’s floor and overall interior. Rubber mats are often designed with a universal fit and work well as reliable replacement mats in almost any vehicle.

Carpet Mats

For drivers seeking function with some lavishness thrown into the mix, carpet mats are the ideal choice. Offered in many styles, carpet mats offer comfort and a soft feel alongside its more luxurious style. The most comfortable of these mats have higher pile, thereby contributing to a great underfoot sensation. Carpet floor mats do offer solid protection, but, while it depends on the climate, they might not be suitable for all types of weather.

Fashion Mats

Regarding fashion floor mats, they allow drivers the chance to change the feel and look of their car easily, customizing the car while still functioning as a protective measure. Whether it’s to celebrate a favorite character, show team pride, or just incorporate flare into a daily drive, these floor mats can get the job done. Many fashion mats also come with coordinating accessories for anyone looking to make a statement under their feet.

Why Replace a Floor Mat?

Given the role floor mats play in a car, it’s not surprising that they need replacing after a while, with the greatest reason being they simply get too dirty. Whenever you get inside your vehicle, you’re bringing contaminants, dirt, and weather elements in as well, which all get into the floor mat. After a while, these contaminants build up and cause discoloration, making the mat look filthy in addition to being laden with bacteria and allergens. If you’re known for spilling drinks and tracking in a lot of grime, a replacement floor mat is necessary for protecting your investment once the filth has built up too much.

In considering floor mat replacements, there is also the question of durability. Depending on your area and its weather conditions, a factory floor mat might not be cutting it. Weather that’s consistently sunny could wear a floor mat down differently than weather that’s frequently rainy. As well, someone in landscaping is likely to track more grime into their vehicle than someone working in an office. Fortunately, there’s a variety of floor mat materials to pick from, such as those with waterproof construction that allow for easy removal and a quick hosing off.

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