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How Can I Stop My Teen from Texting and Driving?

Tips to Help Discourage Teens from Using Cell Phones Behind the Wheel

Statistics show that accidents involving teens using cell phones while driving is on the rise – some studies even suggest that texting and driving has more fatalities in recent years than drunk driving. But, teens continue to use cell phones and other electronic devices while operating cars. It is important for parents of teen drivers to take action and help prevent texting and driving. Here are some tips to help stop your teen from engaging in this risky behavior.

Communication is Key for Preventing Texting and Driving

When teens pass their drivers test and have their license in hand, they feel invincible – because of this, many teens do not realize the true risks and dangers that come with driving and also fail to recognize how those factors are multiplied when texting behind the wheel becomes involved. It is important for parents to communicate these dangers to young drivers clearly and make sure they understand just how many teens are seriously injured or even killed each year in texting and driving accidents.

Encourage Teens to Participate in Text-Free Driving Contracts

It is important for young adults to know that driving is a privilege and not a right – officers of the law and parents have the ability to take away these privileges if teens are engaging in unsafe driving behaviors. To help set standards for teen drivers, use a driving contract and make sure to include strong language against texting and driving. This will put expectations of behavior into writing and make sure that young drivers understand what is expected of them while they are behind the wheel.

Set the Right Example for Teen Drivers

Teens get their first examples of how to drive from their parents – it may be hard to believe but children pay close attention to how parents drive and more often than not model their own behaviors after them. Teens who see their parents using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving are more likely to engage in this risky behavior themselves. In order to drive home the dangers of texting and driving, it is important for parents to follow the same advice and set the right example.

Unfortunately, teen drivers and texting while driving seem to go hand in hand – more and more teens and young drivers are harming themselves and others simply by using their phones while behind the wheel. Because of this, it is important to strongly communicate the true dangers of this behavior and set a good example for younger drivers. When parents are actively involved in their teens driving, it has been shown that they are much less likely to participate in risky habits such as texting and driving.

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