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Good Cars for Teenagers

One of the highlights of the teenager years is getting a license to drive a motor vehicle. It is a symbol of freedom, independence, and greater responsibility that many teenagers aspire to attain. Once a teenager goes through the process of driver’s education, passing tests and obtaining a license, parents may choose to buy a car for their novice driver.

Buying a good car for teenagers cuts down on the hassle of having to deal with the car-sharing challenges families often face. There are good cars for teenagers that parents and teens should look for that are proven to be safe and reliable. Generally speaking, it is best to look for newer models that have the most safety features.

The most crucial safety feature to look for is a car that has advanced braking systems, such as antilock brakes. A close second is electronic stability control, which keeps cars from sliding. Driving speed is a common problem among new, inexperienced drivers. Extra safety features are a good way to help them to maintain control at a safe distance.

In case of a fender bender or more serious crash, front, side, and head airbag protection is recommended to try to cushion the impact from all angles as much as possible. Parents are often advised to buy their new teen driver a mid-sized car because it is much easier to control. Large vehicles are sometimes too challenging to navigate and may pose a problem.

While a compact car may seem like a great choice, many of these cars lack safety features that are very important for newer drivers. If the parents cannot afford a new mid-sized car, look into older models that are still loaded with critical safety features. Stay tuned for more reports on actual recommended makes and models of good cars for teens.

Photo Courtesy of FotoSleuth via Creative Commons License