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Getting Back to Basics for Teen Drivers

We have been loading up our new teen drivers with maintenance tips as well as a bunch of driving tips, but it has been a while since we have gone over some of the basic safety tips they need to adhere too.

So, without delay, here are some great tips that even the most experienced driver needs to follow to stay safe on the roads.

  • Leave your cell phone off – in most cases, there is nothing you need to know that is going to change from the time you get from Point A to Point B, so mute the phone, toss it in the glove compartment, and leave it alone until you get to where you are going. If you are using the phone for GPS, use it ONLY for GPS and ignore texts and calls until you arrive. If you must answer it, pull over to talk.
  • Don’t text and drive – this is so important we even have it on the outside of our fleet to warn people. Yes, I know it only takes a couple of seconds to answer or read a text, but how long does it take for a child to run out from between parked cars? How long does it take for a car to illegally enter an intersection or to blow through a light? If you guessed shorter than it takes to answer or read a text, you would be right.
  • Follow the speed limit – speed limits are there for a reason… to keep driving safe. Besides, the faster you are going, the less reaction time you will have. For inexperienced drivers, that brief moment you gain by not speeding could literally save your life.
  • Drive, don’t eat and drink – you need to keep your distractions to a minimum when you are driving, so save the snacking for later. Remember, it only takes taking your eyes off the road for a second for disaster to strike.
  • Keep passengers to a minimum – this is especially true for younger drivers. It would be great to pack your friends into your car, but having just one teen passenger in the car can actually double your risk for being involved in an accident. Adding more significantly increases those chances, so leave the carpooling for mom and dad.
  • Practice, practice, practice – defensive driving skills need to be practiced to be perfected, so head to an empty lot with mom or dad on the weekend and sharpen your defensive driving skills instead of spending the weekend playing video games. Doing so could literally save your life.
  • When in doubt, turn on your lights – if you are wondering if your lights should be on, then they should be. There is no need to struggle with vision during dusk and dawn, so just turn those lights on until they are not needed. Overcast days can also be challenging, so when in doubt, turn them on.

Following the tips above will help make you a safer driver. In addition to staying safe on the road, there is the added benefit of lower insurance as you get older. It is a win/win for everyone.

If you have a teen driver in need of Behind the Wheel Training, look no further. We offer reasonably priced one-on-one instruction that will have your teen ready to pass their driving test after six hours on the road. For more information about our driving lessons click here.

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