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Expect Resistance from New Drivers

Teen Drivers Are Often Resistant to House Driving Rules

Parents often put “house rules” in place when their teens first get their driver’s license to help set the expectation of behavior and also to put protections in place to keep the new driver safe while on the road. While these rules are established to help keep young drivers safe and not to control their lives, this is not how many teens often view it. Parents should be prepared for their teens to be resistant to driving rules, but there are some ways to manage the situation and drive home the importance of safety.

Enforcing Seat Belt Use

Parents often remind their teens to wear their seatbelts and also remind them that all of their passengers need to be wearing seatbelts as well. Teens are sometimes uncomfortable asking friends to put their seatbelts on, feeling as though they are acting “nerdy” or acting like their friends’ parents. When resistance occurs regarding teens and their friends always wearing their seatbelts, remind your teens they are responsible for their passengers’ safety at all times and that they must be worn.

No Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is a very serious and dangerous driving distraction that has taken the lives of many teen drivers. It is very important to remind teens to never text and drive, and if they resist by saying they can text without looking, you can respond by reminding them that even taking their eyes off the road for a split second could result in a serious accident taking place. Additionally, remind them that texting doesn’t just take their eyes off the road but also their hands from the wheel and their mind from concentrating on driving.

Supervision After Getting a Driver’s License

Many teens believe that once they get their “real” driver’s license, they no longer need to be supervised while they are driving, since the law says they can now drive on their own. The truth is that the few months after teens get their driver’s license is when serious accidents happen most often, considering young drivers are over-confident and lacking experience being alone behind the wheel. When your teens are resistant to continuing to learn and being supervised, make sure to reinforce that you are proud of their progress but also remind them of the statistics of teen drivers who lose their lives within the first year.

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