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Driving Tips for Hurricane Season

Five Hurricane Season Driving Tips You Should Know

For the Atlantic Region, hurricane season runs from June through the end of August, and forecasters are predicting an average year when it comes to storm activity. While the season is predicted to remain mild, there is always a chance that drivers can find themselves on the open road during a time of high wind and heavy rains. The best course of action when a hurricane or hurricane-like weather is predicted is to stay off the road, but in those cases where drivers are caught off guard, here are some helpful driving tips.

Drive Slowly: When driving during hurricane-like conditions, make sure to slow down and leave a large buffer between yourself and vehicles around you. It is possible for vehicles to not handle well when dealing with windy conditions, and this additional room will give you more time to react and avoid an accident. Even if there are no other vehicles on the road, make sure to drive slower still.

Be Prepared for Gusts: Hurricane weather is known for sudden, heavy gusts of wind, and these sudden gusts can easily push a vehicle into the next lane or off the road. These gusts can occur without warning, and drivers should be particularly careful when emerging from a protected area, crossing over an exposed bridge, sharing the road with larger vehicles, or driving in a larger vehicle like a truck.

Have a Good Grip: During hurricane-like conditions, make sure to keep a firm grip on the vehicle’s steering wheel. Strong gusts of wind can easily rip the steering wheel from a driver’s hands, causing him or her to lose control. Do your best to keep your hands at a 9-and-3 position on the steering wheel to ensure you have the best grip and highest amount of control.

Be Prepared for Roadway Hazards: Wind gusts can easily blow large objects, such as tree branches and other large, heavy objects, so make sure to stay alert for these and other unusual road hazards. Additionally, drivers should be vigilant around areas where downed power lines are present – remember to never drive over downed power lines or across a flooded roadway, as this can cause additional danger.

Seek Shelter: As mentioned, the best way to stay safe during hurricane-like weather is to not be on the road, but should you become trapped during a storm, make sure to seek shelter as soon as possible.

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