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Driving In the Rain

Rainy days occur throughout the year and drivers must be prepared to deal with them. Driving in the rain requires paying special attention to the road to prevent skidding and hydroplaning, which occurs when water builds up in front of tires more quickly than the weight of the vehicle can push it aside. It also requires weatherizing the car to handle wet conditions.

Good windshield wiper blades are the most important vehicle accessories in the battle against rain. Experts recommend replacing wiper blades the earlier of every 6,000 miles or at least two times a year. Studies reveal that the typical motorist changes blades only once every two to three years. This means that many cars are equipped with blades that are frayed, cracked, or otherwise unable to clear rain from their windshields.

Rain repellent provides windshields with additional rain protection, offering a clear view of the road. Spray this onto the front and back windshields to create an invisible film that repels rain. This added coating makes it easier for windshield wipers to do their jobs and can even be applied to side windows so passengers can have a clearer view of the outdoors.

Weather deflectors are tinted acrylic products installed in the top channel of windows. With these overhead, windows can be opened slightly without rain falling into the interior of the car. Deflectors come in handy when air inside the car is stale or smoky. Install these yourself or have a professional do it for an additional charge.

Drivers should inspect car tires regularly to ensure that these are in decent shape with enough tread to keep the car steady on slippery roads. Special tires are designed for improved traction on wet roads. “Rain tires” feature wide center grooves and tread patterns that efficiently remove water and allow longer wear. Having good tires that can come to a quick stop on a rain-slicked road can be a life-saver. Compare the wet-braking distance and wet-traction handling on tires to find a suitable brand.

Safe driving in the rain begins with a vehicle equipped for the slick weather. Effective windshield wiper blades, windshield rain repellent, weather reflectors, and tires in good condition provide defenses against rainy weather. With their vehicles outfitted properly, drivers will not be worried about seeing out of the windshield or sliding all over the rain-covered roadways. They can spend their time focusing on the slick conditions.

*Photo Courtesy of Orin Zebest via Creative Commons License