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Cheap Car Insurance for Students

Finding Cheap Car Insurance for Teens

Most teen drivers do not consider the expense associated with the privilege of driving. Even if they are lucky enough to inherit a car from another family member, they still have to fuel, maintain, and insure it. Car insurance is one of the largest, ongoing driving-related expenses. Students and their parents should learn how to find cheap car insurance for the youngest drivers in the family.

Tips for Securing Cheap Car Insurance for Teens

Teenage drivers who live with their parents can be covered under the adult auto insurance policy through the college years. However, the details vary by state, so parents should discuss this with their auto insurance providers. Rates will be affected by the type of vehicle, where it is driven, and whether the student has any traffic violations. Rates may change when the student goes to college if the car will be driven at school.

Some insurance providers offer young driver premium reductions such as a “good student discount.” However, auto insurance rates for young drivers can still be very expensive. When in the market for a car for the teen driver, parents should investigate which vehicles are least expensive to insure without sacrificing on safety.

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Online

Before the Internet, comparison-shopping for auto insurance was quite a chore. It required making calls to different insurance companies and receiving quotes verbally or through the mail, which could take days or even weeks. Now, consumers can go online and request quotes electronically through insurance company websites. There are even aggregator sites that compare rates from multiple insurance companies, streamlining the process.

When comparing auto insurance policies, consumers should be sure that each policy has the same types and levels of coverage. In other words, the policies should be identical. This allows a true comparison that makes it easy to identify the least expensive policy. Increasing deductibles and reducing coverage limits are two ways to decrease premiums without eliminating any single type of coverage.

By following these guidelines, parents and teenage drivers can find cheap car insurance for students, getting teens the coverage they need without damaging the household budget. Many parents teach teens responsibility at an early age by requiring the new drivers to get jobs in order to pay for their car insurance. Whether teens or their parents foot the bill, having comprehensive auto insurance coverage at a low price is a smart approach.

*Photo Courtesy of State Farm via Creative Commons License