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Maintaining a Manual Transmission Vehicle

Posted by on Sep 25, 2018 in Car Maintenance | Comments Off on Maintaining a Manual Transmission Vehicle

For those willing to learn how to use a manual transmission vehicle, also known as a stick shift, they may find that with such a vehicle comes more control over both the power and performance of the vehicle. Also, just as you should take an automatic transmission to the shop whenever issues arise, owners of stick shifts must bring their vehicle to a nearby shop whenever they first encounter problems in the vehicle, but they especially must do so when the issues are related to the transmission. Once you find a transmission repair shop that you can trust, you can be rest assured your vehicle’s manual transmission will be in good condition for every driving occasion. To ensure you’re keeping your stick shift in tip top shape, check out a few crucial tips for preserving your manual transmission. Carefully...

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Installing Remote Starters

Posted by on Apr 2, 2018 in Car Maintenance | Comments Off on Installing Remote Starters

Imagine having the ability to turn your vehicle on, heat up the engine, and have the heater turned up to full-blast before even stepping outside—that is what it’s like to have a remote starter in your life. Such an addition may seem like too big of an upgrade to do by yourself, but with some quick know-how and the proper tools and parts, it’s possible to install a remote starter all on your own. Buying new cars with this feature built in or simply paying for a professional upgrade can be costly, but follow our quick guide and your current vehicle will be ready to go! Choosing Your Remote Starter While there are methods available for installing remote starters in manual transmission vehicles, the installation process is much easier for automatic transmission vehicles. However, before you set out to...

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