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Can the Apple Watch Make Your Teen a Safer Driver?

VW’s New App May Be a Teen Driver’s Saving Grace

For young drivers, being able to drive and take themselves wherever they want to go is an extremely liberating feeling. Driving for teens means independence and the ability to push the speed limit without a nagging parent in the passenger seat. But, thanks to a new Apple Watch application being produced by Volkswagen, teen’s sense of limitless freedom may be short lived. The Car-Net app has been available since VW released their 2014 line of vehicles and its launch on the Apple Watch is much anticipated.

With the occurrence of teen driving accidents on the rise, concerned parents have been looking for ways to better monitor what their teen’s do behind the wheel in an effort to take corrective action and talk to their teens should their behavior be dangerous. Short of driving everywhere with them and stifling their independence, there really has been no way for parents to be actively aware of what young drivers are up to. Now, with the introduction of Car-Net, parents have a tool to keep their teens safe on the road.

Volkswagen, a German auto maker, created the Car-Net app as a way for drivers to monitor their behaviors and, subsequently, for parents to monitor new teen drivers. The app sends special alerts directly to the wearer of the Apple Watch, alerting them to when the car is going at an excess speed or when it travels outside of a designated GPS area. This means that a quick, impulsive hit to the gas pedal or a leisurely, unapproved drive through the countryside could result in a very unhappy parent.

Although parents being able to monitor their teen’s driving does take some of the fun and freedom out of the experience for young divers, it is important to remember that the leading cause of death among those 15 to 20 is motor vehicle crashes. So, the introduction of Car-Net from Volkswagen allows parents to better monitor their teen’s driving habits and have a conversation about what they are doing and how improper driving behaviors could result in a serious car accident and possibly death.

*Photo Courtesy of Yasunobu Ikeda via Creative Commons License