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Backup Cameras Now Allowed for Driving Tests

New Jersey Proposal Signed into Law

Governor Chris Christie recently made driving tests somewhat easier when he passed a law allowing backup cameras and parking sensors to be used during driving exams, according to New Jersey Advance Media. Under a law passed by Congress in 2007, all new vehicles are required to have a backup camera by May 2018. This legislation allows the cameras to be used during road tests administered by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

“In a few years, every new car will be required to have a rear-view camera,” said Sen. Christopher Bateman from the 16th District, who helped sponsor the bill. “If every car is going to have them, new drivers should know how to use them,” Bateman said. The law is meant to help reduce the number of accidents involving the disabled, children, and other pedestrians. Lou Greenwald, a Democrat from the 6th District, who is also the Assembly majority leader, recently took his daughter to get her license, and it was then he saw the need for the legislation. Greenwald’s communications director, Mallie Salerno, released a press release on the matter this week.

Senator Greenwald’s daughter was originally told she could not take the test in a car with a backup camera and would have to have the monitor covered. Many driving applicants study and practice for months, and the idea of worrying about the specifications of their vehicles can add even more stress. “Taking your driving test is always an exciting and nerve wracking experience,” Greenwald stated. “As backup cameras and sensors become standard in all vehicles, we should be updating our laws to keep up with federal regulation. We need to ensure new drivers, driving instructors, and the Motor Vehicle Commission are all on the same page about what technology is permissible.”

Many have made the case that the main need for this bill comes from the fact that so many new cars already have backup cameras and using them has become second-nature to new applicants. “The technology makes driving easier and safer for everyone. These cameras and sensors are already in a few cars on the road, but soon, they’ll be a normal part of driving for anyone with a new car,” Bateman added.

A poll of 124 people from found that 60.48% of users do not believe it is a smart idea to allow backup cameras and sensors in N.J. driving tests. What do you think?

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