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Back to School Driving Tips

How to Stay Safe When Driving Back and Forth to School

Something that many teen drivers are excited about is driving themselves to school on the first day back from summer vacation. In many cases, this is the first time a young driver will transport themselves to school and while it is important for them to feel prideful and confident with their friends, it is also important for them to drive safely not just for themselves but also for those around them. Here are some great back to school driving tips that you can share with your young, teen driver.

Be Cautious of School Buses

Teens that get their license during the summer months will rarely see a big, yellow school bus on the road. But, when the fall begins and everyone is back to the school year schedule, it is very likely teens will be driving in front of, behind, or even next to a bus. When driving i residential areas that have school bus service, it is important for teens to remember that they must stop when the bus puts on the red flashing lights and extends its stop sign, regardless of what side of the road they are on. Also, it is important to take note of “bus stop” signs and keep an eye out for children getting on and off a bus.

How to Drive Safely in School Zones

Schools zones can often pose a challenge for teens. While they are excited to arrive at school, it is important for them to know the specialized safety procedures that need to be followed in school zones. Most importantly, teens should not be using cell phones in these areas, or any time, while they are driving – school zones carry a hefty fine for those caught using a cell phone. Additionally, make sure teens understand the speed limit in school zones to help keep themselves and pedestrians safe. Finally, teach teens to pay close attention to young children walking to school that may dart out into traffic.

The school year can bring much excitement for teen drivers – teens look forward to taking themselves to school and showing off their “grown-up” lifestyle to their friends. But the school year can add challenges for younger, less experienced drivers as well. Paying attention and being cautious of school buses on the road during this time of year is especially important. Additionally make sure teens are aware of the rules and regulations inside school zones. When teens know the dangers, they are more likely to drive safely.

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*Photo Courtesy of Terren in Virginia via Creative Commons License