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Are You Insured with a Learner’s Permit?

Obtaining Insurance Coverage for Teen Drivers

In order for a new driver to receive a learner’s permit, most states require teens to bring their parents if under a specific age. Parents are required to sign a form that gives their teen permission to operate a motor vehicle. Another alternative is to secure the permit using a licensed driving school. In addition to formally granting this permission, parents are also required to show proof that the vehicle the teen will be practicing driving with has the proper insurance coverage.

Auto Insurance Policies for Teen Drivers and Their Parents

Generally, car insurance companies will only insure drivers who have obtained their full license. While the teen has their learner’s permit, there are two ways in which they can be covered by car insurance – one way is to obtain coverage through the parent’s insurance or coverage can also be obtained through a blanket or family insurance policy. A third option is to contact several insurance companies and check if they will insure the vehicle in the teen’s name.

When purchasing insurance coverage for a teen driver, it is important to shop different companies to get the best possible rate. Make sure the insurance coverage includes bodily injury coverage and damage insurance that meets the state minimum. If comparable coverage cannot be obtained, it is also possible to have teen driver’s insurance added to the parent’s or relative’s existing coverage – once the teen receives his or her full license and obtains his or her own insurance, this coverage can be removed.

Keeping Car Insurance Rates Down for Teen Drivers

Parents are often fearful that adding a young driver to their insurance will mean higher rates. In order to keep rates from going up, there are several steps that teen drivers should take. First, make sure to keep the driving record clear of any traffic or parking tickets. It is also important to avoid distracted driving and other risky behaviors behind the wheel in order to avoid accidents. Finally, make sure to stress to teens the importance of not drinking and driving.

Starting to drive is an exciting time in a young adult’s life. In order to make this an easy and enjoyable experience for both the teen and their parents, it is important to make sure that the proper car insurance is obtained in order for teens to practice driving legally. Review the insurance requirements in your state and be sure to shop different insurance companies for the best possible rates.

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*Photo Courtesy of Robert Huffstutter via Creative Commons License