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Aggressive Driving and Teens Do Not Mix

In our fast-paced society, aggressive driving is becoming more of a problem. People are in a hurry to get where they need to go because they always seem like they have something to do. There is a lot less patience on the road today, so teens need to try to avoid being the object of the wrath of aggressive drivers.

Parking wars can be a real sticking point, so teen drivers should be taught to park appropriately in a spot so they leave sufficient room for other cards to park. A sure way to irritate drivers is to drive too closely to the car in front, or tailgating. Teen drivers should try to keep at least a one car distance to avoid tailgating.

Sometimes new drivers drive a little more cautiously then other more experienced ones. Aggressive drivers may give the teen an angry look and abruptly go around them or say something rude. The best way to handle this is to not say anything to them and avoid an episode of road rage.

When driving, teens need to avoid falling into the trap of peer pressure. Maintain your composure and drive properly. If friends are egging you on to race someone, simply dismiss it. Engaging in behavior such as this will only lead to disaster. If they continue to “egg you on” to participate in activities such as this, tell them they will no longer be allowed in your car.

Safe, courteous driving practices, such as not lingering in the left passing lane or stopping in the street to chat with friends, are good ways to prevent road confrontations. When teens take their time and practice patience on the road, they can minimize their chance of being the victim of aggressive drivers.

*Photo courtesy of Hanenosuke via Creative Commons License