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A Quick Guide to Cleaning Tires

How to Clean Tires Properly

When it comes to washing a car, the usual goal is to make the car look like it’s just had one of the best detail jobs around. One defining detail that can help you achieve this after a good wash is a well-polished set of wheels. Most tend to forget to clean their tires after spending most of their time cleaning the interior. Cleaning tires properly can make a big difference in a car’s appearance, and here are a few fast, efficient ways to detail tires on the next wash day.

 Wash Your Tires First

Wash your tires before cleaning the rest of the car. This may sound redundant, but the wheels collect a lot of dirt and grime between trips, and pre-washing helps cut through the layers of dirt on the wheels. Cleaning the tires first also prevents you from dirtying up the rest of car. Even if you use two separate buckets, you may splash a bit of muddy water on the rest of the body in the process of scrubbing each tire.

Clean One Tire at a Time

It’s tempting to do one side at a time and clean two tires at once, but this may cause you to overlook some parts of the tire. This may defeat the purpose of trying to achieve a complete detail job. Also, if you apply a tire cleaner, it may dry before you can get to the next wheel.

Apply a Specialized Cleaner

Specialized cleaners can be found at any auto store. Before applying any cleaner, make sure it is ideal for your rims. Some products may include harsher agents that can cause more damage to tires in the process, especially if they are not handled per instruction.

Rinse and Wash Again

After using any specialized cleaners, be sure to follow up with another rinse and wash. If there is any product left behind, it may splash on the rest of the car or leave a sticky residue that could cause a harsher build up on the car’s rims. Make sure to give the tires another scrub before getting too involved with the rest of the exterior. Once you have cleaned the rest of the car, rinse the tires first and then the rest for a more thorough job.

Allow the Tires to Dry

Before driving off down the road, allow the tires to dry completely. The best way to make sure of this is to use a towel or a fine chamois.

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